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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

0 Book Review - The Jetstream of Success by Julian Pencilliah

Title: The Jetstream of Success
Author: Julian Pencilliah
Genre: Self-Help
Length: 211 pages

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Book Description:
The Jetstream of Success is a part memoir / part self-help book in which the author, Julian Pencilliah, uses moments from his own life and allegory as a framework upon which he outlines his philosophy on how to live life more successfully. Full of vivid description and revelations that make you stop and think; it’s a book that will change how you view yourself, the world and your life.

Legends create history everyday. The status of being a legend is reserved for the chosen few who believe they are destined for greatness. Achieving success is your ability to eliminate the weaknesses and biases that are inherent within yourself. History tells us that not all greats have off-the-chart IQs, nor are they born with limitless freedom. In fact, it is this triumph over less than favorable circumstances and their determination to achieve that we tend to respect the most. The people who have changed the world are people like you and I. They set out to achieve outstanding results and make their decisions within intellectual criteria. All the greats have engaged a higher impulse, a higher bandwidth, and an inherent strength. [Pg. 43, The Jetstream of Success] Author, Julian Pencilliah, lives by five rules daily: ·Believe with an extravagance ·Think with a sophistication ·Exceed probability amplitudes ·Smile with Radiance 
·Get Lucky The Jetstream of Success is a book filled with crystallized wisdom and intellectual processes that is meant to help the reader become more sophisticated in their thinking. As powerful as the lessons are, they required context; a sense of connection with the reader. It is for this reason the author takes you on a journey across the world to live through his real life experiences to serve as analogies that unveil the potential within you. The chapters are filled with entertainment that is delivered through the richest writing and locations around the world. Whether it's going face-to-face with a great white shark in the depths of the Atlantic, dancing the samba at the Rio Carnival or being on a game drive with Virgin billionaire Sir Richard Branson, every single chapter will keep you captivated and completely engrossed.

About the Author:
Julian Pencilliah displayed a savvy attitude for business acumen from a very early age. He was very intrigued by the concepts of probability amplitudes, the economic principle and global market sectors.

Julian was hugely influenced by his role models, Warren Buffet and Bill Gates. He also found himself engaged in the subjects of the wisdom of the ancient gurus and high seers. After a decade of living through life’s experiences he discovered that we are all our own greatest enemies.

The collective acumen of the knowledge and experience gained molded his principles of focus, which was to attain maximum return on investment in his spheres of interest.

He established his business framework and intellectual processes within the South African business arena and has since been visionary in identifying highly profitable investments and other opportunities on a global scale.

Book Review:
The Jetstream of Success is very engaging book and the moments the author uses to outline his philosophy are very memorable such as watching a leopard hunt at Sir Richard Branson’s ranch in South Africa or dancing at the Rio Carnival in Brazil but what’s more memorable are the things he says. For example I liked how he talked about how he confronted his fear of sharks by diving with a Great White off the coast of South Africa and then used that story to talk about fear and how to manage it in all its forms. What separates The Jetstream of Success from other self-help, personal development and professional development books on the market is that its wisdom is timeless. Rather than focusing on one specific area of your life or providing answers to specific problems, Julian has decided to teach a set of intellectual principles that can be applied to a diverse range of situations. For instance he talks about failure and instead of telling you how to avoid it he casts it in new light by revealing that people don’t fail, they merely employed a strategy not suited for their desired objective. Using this mindset you can avoid becoming disheartened when you hit setbacks and simply adjust your strategy based upon your experiences. There is one downside to the book and that is I found reading it was a bit of a challenge. It’s written in a deep, rich style which means at time occasionally you have to stop and reread a sentence to get the full meaning. That’s not such a bad thing as on the second time of reading you pick up so much more. As you can tell I enjoyed reading The Jetstream of Success and I fully expect I will reread it many times in the years to come.

Rating: 5 Stars - Must Read
Review by: Peter McElwee


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