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Thursday, June 26, 2014

0 Book Review: Music of Souls by JJ Kendrick

Title: Music of Souls
Author: JJ Kendrick
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Age Group: Adult

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Book Description:
Jackson Parrish and Sarah Carrington are not only best friends, they are vampires extraordinaire. Their well-heeled refinement perfects the illusion of humanity.

Jackson is a hedonistic philanderer with a strict set of rules regarding women. Other than the devout friendship he shares with Sarah, his only emotional involvement is a passion for music. His carefree existence is derailed when he meets Elisabeth Sidwell who shatters his long held convictions.

Sarah is a hopeless romantic in endless pursuit of “The One”. When she gives her heart away, once more, and Jackson opens his at last, the quandary that a relationship between the living and the undead creates is the least of the obstacles they face.

About the Author:
I live in Massachusetts in a pre-Victorian home my husband and I have spent over 20 years restoring. we have one son. I am a self professed "Gym Rat"and chocoholic.

Writing has been a creative outlet for me since junior high school, starting with very bad poetry and more recently, fairly good (in my humble opinion) song lyrics. I have a notebook full in various stages of completion, and if I ever become adept enough at piano, which is doubtful, I hope to one day write some songs (it's on the Bucket List). FYI, if there are any musicians reading this looking for lyrics, I would love to collaborate.

I have been a Hospice companion volunteer since 2005 and intend to someday write about my life altering relationships with people at the end stage of life and their families. 

In December of 2012, my husband and I sold the motorcycle accessory manufacturing business we have owned since 1981. I now have the discretionary time required to write novels and doing so has opened up an exciting new world for me. Writing a novel has always been in the corner recess of my mind as a "Someday." "Someday" is here and I am awed and astounded by the self fulfillment this process has afforded me. Like any author, I wistfully dream of making the best seller's list one day, but if I never make a dollar from my writing, it will still stand out as one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

Book Review:
Welcome to the world of the Vampires, ones with a semblance of morality, ones who like a challenge and strangely, ones we care about almost immediately. How can that be?

I would never have considered a vampire book and yet I could not wait to buy this one after reading the opening sample chapter. This is the second of JJ Kendrick's books that I have had the pleasure to come across, utterly different to the first, 'Chance Inheritance'. To switch style so successfully is impressive.
We meet Jackson and Sarah, two 150 something vampires, best friends who tried a relationship, but get on like brother and sister. Guardians to each other. She the vegetarian of all things bloodlusty, he, whilst admiring her for it, still likes a good human feed; tempered by the decency to make them forget what has happened.

She falls for a human, but how can she tell Connor her true form, they always turn and run.
Jackson falls for a perfect human, he thinks, but she is always one step ahead of him. Disapproving rogue vampires lurk, will the werewolves spoil the party at the mansion?

How does one put a ridiculous list of impossibilities like that together and make it believable? JJ Kendrick has done just that. I almost wished that there really are vampires in our world, and would happily share it with them, should they be like this.

Music of Souls was so was so easy to read with the same flowing unencumbered dialogue through and through, in a perfect mid-atlantic style, which will appeal to all. Pacing is perfect, as if the author had written it in one sitting.

There is definitely a TV drama here somewhere, so a screenplay beckons.. Terrific book. One I looked forward to reading every day.

Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars
Review by: Jon Delorme / Mary Delorme | St Bartholomew's Man



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