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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

0 Book Review: CASPER: El Cuento De Amor De Un Gangster by Ray Childress & Akila Cruz

Title: CASPER: El Cuento De Amor De Un Gangster
Author: Ray Childress & Akila Cruz
Genre: Romance
Age Group: Adult

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Book Description:
This sexually charged, unfriendly tale of money and murder explodes when Casper's high-rolling uncle gets himself murdered. Casper is then forced to hit the streets harder than ever to prove he's much more than a ghetto prince whose had everything handed to him on a platinum platter... but, in the midst of a Guerra (war) with a former affiliated set, Casper becomes enthralled by a Puerto Rican bella (beauty) who wants nothing to do with someone like him; due in part to her close family ties to a Latin King clan hailing from the Bushwick section of Brooklyn.

About the Author:
Ray Childress. 42, born in Pittsburgh, PA., yet raised as well in Omaha Nebraska, and Compton California.  Served a short tour in U.S. military (Honorable Discharge) prior to receiving a 25-to-life prison sentence for a joint Federal/State prosecution on racketeering, drugs, and gun charges.  He began to write novels and screenplays to pass the time after turning down an offer to have a book written about the miss-steps he’d taken throughout his first 22 years of life before prison.
Akila Cruz a.k.a The Ghostwriter, a.k.a The Mixie (Puerto Rican and Black), 31.  A single mother to daughter, Ann Marie, 6.  Cruz was born and raised in Miami, Florida where she now owns and operates a dance/fitness studio.  She works as a bikini model, and has appeared on several magazine and book covers throughout her 15 year modeling career.  She also played basketball and volleyball in junior college where she earned an Associate of business degree while working part-time as a ‘dancer.’  Ms. Cruz tends to write using a skilled flare for fashion and sex; all of which is sure to tantalize her readers throughout this 10 book urban romance series.

Book Review:
"Casper: El Cuento DeAmor De Un Gangster" is the kind of novel that manages to grab you and take you on an unforgettable ride, from dark and gritty crime filled streets to evocative lust and love. Akila Cruz and Ray Childress have crafted a charged story that sparks with emotion, danger, drama, action and intensity from start to finish. It is well-written with a sharp, punchy tone that makes for a fast-paced and exciting read. Using vivid imagery, strong dialogue, well-developed characters and a multi-layered plot... the authors have created a novel rife with tension, grit, passion, death, danger and more. Overall, this was an engaging read that proved to be a promising debut for both authors."

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Review by: Kevin Waller | http://www.fresh4less.com


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