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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

0 Book Review: Relationship Roulette by Theodore Lovelace

Title: Relationship Roulette
Author: Theodore Lovelace
Genre: Relationships

Buy: Heart 2 Heart

Book Summary: Does it seem like most of your relationships end miserably and you don’t understand why? 

Are you fed up with finding the “one” only to find out months or years later they are someone else?
Have you taken a look at your relationship and desperately wondered “What’s next?”

Are you tired of spending your Saturday nights home alone? Have you decided that you are ready to get back into the dating world without all the drama? 

Perhaps you are open to the thought of dating, but are unsure about where to begin. The following are just a few tips to help make your experience exciting, fun and successful while avoiding Relationship Roulette.

About Author: 
My name is Theodore Lovelace and I’m a single father raising three teenagers and I’m SUCCESSFUL because I’m doing exactly what I love to do- WRITE.

Book Review:
This book serves as a relationship guide that gives the reader scenarios on how a relationship can end depending on the decisions we make. The author uses two characters, Amanda and Chris,  to help with painting to picture of what a good case and a bad case would be. Each chapter focuses on a different relationship type; single, married, divorced, and re-married. There is even a chapter on what to do after all of that takes place. The author gives examples of what we do wrong in relationships and how to go about things the correct way. 

The reader is able to see the outcome of the relationship between Amanda and Chris based on the different examples. It shows the reader what a relationship can look like for them if they follow the same path. I found this book to be very helpful and I can see it as a wonderful guide to help me and others with our relationships. 

Rating: 5 out of 5 Star
Review by: Kechell Jackson | K is for Kechell 


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