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Saturday, December 28, 2013

0 Book Review: The Last Hybrid: Bloodline of Angels by Lee Wilson

Title: The Last Hybrid: Bloodline of Angels
Author: Lee Wilson 
Genre: Paranormal 

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Book Summary:
When Hannah Sawyer dropped out of college after losing her scholarship she spent five years weaning herself of alpha males and alcohol, but when she decides to return to finish her degree she finds those things rolled into one in the intoxicating blue eyes of fellow student Daniel Keith. 

What she soon learns is that her newfound addiction to Daniel impairs her judgment beyond any mixed drink a frat boy could have handed her. She should have left when he cut his arm with a car key to show her his white blood. Or when he had a run-in with a dark angel on one of their dates. But Hannah stays, entranced by this man who remains a mystery to her. 

Who or what is Daniel? And why does the small town of Spring Hill, Tennessee seem to summon his enemies? As romance lures Hannah further into a shadowy world most people never see, she realizes she's gotten herself in deeper than she knew possible. And this time there's no option of dropping out.

About Author:
Lee Wilson has been involved in many creative ventures in addition to writing. For starters, he's an actor who you might have seen in film and television. He's been featured in music videos of artists such as Brandi Carlile, Phil Vassar and Alan Jackson.

Lee has ghost written on behalf of well-known authors and individuals. He has written reference, fiction, film and educational material.

His first book was The Real Heaven: It's Not What You Think, published by Covenant Publishing, that he co-authored with Joe Beam. The two joined up for the follow up and expansion of that book with The True Heaven: Not What You Thought, Better Than You Expected, published by Leafwood. In 2013 he released a paranormal romance novel entitled, "The Last Hybrid: Bloodline of Angels."

Book Review:
The story covers Angels, Dark Angels and their human/Angel offspring. There is plenty of action as they fight for spiritual dominance. The Hybrid Angel's are learning about their powers and how to use them. The pace of the book is fast and you will stay hooked until the very end; left wanting more. The characters could use a little more development. There were some things that were in the story for only a moment and never again to return and never fully explained. Hopefully the next book with have the answers.

Overall, a good read and I would recommend this book to others who enjoy paranormal.

Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars
Review By: Kechell Jackson | K is for Kechell 


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