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Friday, June 14, 2013

0 Book Review: Business Plans That Work: Why Some Do and Most Don't - A Fresh, New Approach to Creating a Thriving Business by Cynthia Kocialski

Title:Business Plans That Work: Why Some Do and Most Don't - A Fresh, New Approach to Creating a Thriving Business
Author: Cynthia Kocialski
Genre: Business 
  • Print Length: 69 pages
  • Buy Book: Amazon 

Book Summary: Starting a new business? Step One: Ditch the typical business plan! Discover a more strategic way to create a thriving business from day one!

Every 50 seconds a new business is started with high hopes, and every 60 seconds a business closes with disappointment. It’s a scary fact when starting a new business.

There’s the old route of writing up yet another business plan, but guess what? Look at the results - half of all businesses fail within the first 5 years. It’s not necessary for a business to succeed!

Business Plans That Work is not the boring step-by-step approach to writing a typical business plan, but something quite the opposite … learn how to replace the standard business plan with something that is easier to create and more appropriate for a new business.

The typical business plan of the past was a mere fairy tale, full of guesses, estimates and assumptions of what might be. No real facts only made up numbers. And that is not a plan for success.

So what is this new approach then? Entrepreneurs should start with a concept plan first.

Unlike a business plan, a concept plan takes all the guesses and estimates and carefully organizes them and prioritizes them upon how much of an impact they will have on a new business. Then at that point, it devises a plan to prove it’s a viable business idea and/or concept that one can move forward with. 

Business Plans That Work provides useful statistics, case studies and a simple six-step Concept Plan formula to help budding entrepreneurs create a starting point for setting a new business on the right path from day one. And if they already have a business plan, that’s ok too. The book shows how to convert it over to a Concept Plan.

About Author: Discover exactly how to take a bright idea and transform it into a thriving, satisfying, and profitable business! 

Let's face it, with entrepreneurship, there is no training program. It's on-the-job training. Sometimes we just need a little guidance to ensure us that we're on the right path. Cynthia will show you how to leave your struggles behind you and lead a successful start-up without the hitches and hiccups!

Cynthia has literally been there, done that and wrote the book on starting up your own business with the intention of helping other entrepreneurs start up their business the right way! Her core experience lies in that she has witnessed all the different aspects of start-up life: the, good, the bad and the ugly. She knows what works and what doesn't from first-hand experience.

Over the years, Cynthia kept seeing passionate founders making the same mistakes over and over again. It is heart-breaking to see a passionate founder's pride and joy fail when all they needed was some honest, practical and down to earth advice to turn their start-up into a big hit.

Cynthia Kocialski has founded three companies, has been actively involved in many more start-ups and has served on the advisory boards. These start-ups have returned billions of dollars to their investors. Over the years, Cynthia Kocialski packed her bags and relocated again and again so she could hone her technical marketing, engineering, management and planning skills in the best and the brightest corporations. Cynthia is also a renowned business blogger and lives in Silicon Valley.

And while her background is in the high tech area, Cynthia shows you how the same techniques that brought the world those tech wonder companies can be applied to every new business - from low tech to high tech, from for-profit to non-profit, and from Silicon Valley to Main Street to Cyberspace. In her books, new and struggling entrepreneurs won't find the same boring step-by-step approach to starting and guiding a new business, but something quite different and unexpected. 

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Book Review: 
Being a business major in college, writing  a business plan was one of those long assignments that I wish was over way before the end. Cynthia Kocialski laid out what you need to have in your business plan; such as mission statement and projection. She makes writing, want may seem like a difficult document, fun and easy to wrap around.  The book is written in simple language , so it is easy to understand what the author is talking about. I recommend this book for anyone that is looking to start a business and is need of writing  a business plan.

Rating: 5 out of 5

Review by: Kechell Jackson | K is for Kechell
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