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Saturday, March 16, 2013

0 Promotional: Caramel and Magnolias by Tess Thompson

caramelandmagnoliascoverNEW.jpgTitle: Caramel and Magnolias
Author: Tess Thompson
Release date: February 1, 2013
Genre: Contemporary Women’s Fiction; Contemporary Romance
Age Group: Adult
Buy Links: www.amazon.com; www.barnesandnoble.com; www.itunes.com

Book Description:

Bestselling author Tess Thompson, whose debut novel Riversong touched the hearts of readers worldwide, delivers a captivating and suspenseful tale of the possibilities that await us in life and in love – if we can find the courage to get off the sidelines.

Crushed by a broken heart, ten years ago Cleo Tanner walked away from her acting dreams and now leads a quiet, secluded life in Seattle. Sylvia, her best friend from college, is trapped in a loveless marriage, distraught by her desire to have a child – until an adoption agency owner in relentless pursuit of Cleo offers to help.

Just as Sylvia begins to experience a love so profound that only a mother can feel, a detective
approaches Cleo with disturbing questions about the adoption agency. Determined to protect
her friend, Cleo jumps into a dangerous investigation that forces her to confront the ghosts of her past.

A toast to friendship, motherhood, mended hearts and new beginnings, Caramel and Magnolias reminds us it’s never too late to reawaken the heart.

When she opened the door of her bathroom, he was there, perched on the edge of the bed, still fully clothed. His eyes lingered on her face before moving down the length of her body. “You
look amazing in that robe,” he said. “Truly.”

He stood, coming towards her, holding her gaze in his. She leaned against the wall, letting
herself melt into his chocolate eyes, until he reached for her and pulled her into his arms.
“It’s you,” she said, wrapping her arms around his neck. He smelled so good. She closed her
eyes, waiting to feel his mouth on hers.

Then he kissed her, gently at first and then harder, pushing her against the wall. “You’re unbelievable,” he said, kissing her neck and pulling gently on the lobe of her ear with his mouth,
which made her shudder. Then he was back at her mouth, kissing her hard again until their
breath was ragged.

She buried her fingers in his hair, pressing against his body as his hands seemed to move all over her at once. He caressed the sides of her thighs and her backside, and then he reached under her robe to graze her breasts with his thumbs. She quivered and moaned softly against his mouth.

“Are we moving too fast?” He pulled back.

“No,” she whispered, fumbling with the top button of his shirt. “Not fast enough.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * * * * *  * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Tess Thompson author photo.jpgAbout the Author
Tess Thompson is a novelist and playwright with a BFA in Drama from the University of
Southern California. In 2011, she released her first novel, Riversong, which subsequently
became a bestseller.

Like her main character in Caramel and Magnolias, Tess is from a small town in Southern
Oregon. She currently lives in Seattle, Washington with her two young daughters, Emerson and
Ella, and their puppy Patches. She is inspired daily by the view of the Cascade Mountains from her home office window.

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